November 2018 - wgn radio

Midterm Election Eve Special with WGN Radio Host Patti Vasquez

On the eve of the 2018 midterm elections, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joins WGN Radio’s Patti Vasquez to discuss what to expect at the polls and the power of women voters. Listen to the full segment here.


October 2018 -

6 Women Share How #MeToo Changed Their Lives a Year After Harvey Weinstein: 'I've Gone From Victim to Survivor'

Nearly a year after #MeToo went viral, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele opens up to Health about her own #MeToo moment and how it fueled her fight to end sexual harassment across industries. Read the full article here.

“If I’d told my story before #MeToo took off, I’m not sure it would have had the same impact. Realizing there was an opportunity for lasting policy change to come out of this, I launched the Purple Campaign, a nonprofit whose mission is to end workplace sexual harassment through better laws and stronger corporate policies.”

september 2018 - new york magazine

The Bad, Good Lawyer: Was David Boies just doing right by Harvey Weinstein? Or did he cross an ethical line?

“One young associate, a former Hillary Clinton campaign worker named Ally Coll Steele, asked whether Boies might consider stepping down from his position. Boies dismissed the suggestion. The next month, in a Washington Post column, Steele announced she was leaving the firm to start the Purple Campaign, an advocacy group devoted to issues of sexual harassment.” Read the full article here.

SEPTEMBER 2018 - Roll Call

Assault Survivors Make Last-Ditch Pleas Against Kavanaugh

In the wake of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele wrote to Senator Jeff Flake, Lisa Murkowski, and U.S. Senator Susan Collins. In the letter, she shared her experience with sexual assault in Congress and urged them to send the right message to those who come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. Read the full article here.

“I chose to write to you not only because you are key votes on the nomination, but because your public comments before yesterday’s hearing indicated you understand this is a civil rights issue, not just a political one. I hope I am right about that, because the country is watching.”


Sen. Grassley should give Kavanaugh’s accuser the investigation he says #metoo victims deserve

In an OpEd, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele explains why Senator Chuck Grassley should provide Dr. Christine Blasey Ford with the investigation he says victims of sexual misconduct deserve in the wake of #MeToo — especially when the allegations implicate powerful federal judges. Read the full article here.

“Despite acknowledging just three months ago that our existing system “doesn’t always protect victims” who speak out “against powerful judges,” Grassley has refused to provide Dr. Ford (despite her repeated requests) with precisely the kind of independent investigation he recommended Congress mandate for all sexual misconduct allegations…”


Ex-aides in Hill sexual harassment scandals tell Congress: Finalize a misconduct deal

In a letter to Congressional leadership, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined six other former congressional staffers, who have come forward about experiencing sexual harassment while they worked in Congress, in asking lawmakers to finalize Congress’s sexual harassment bill. Read the full article here.

“We hoped that our experiences — and those of many more who remain nameless — would spur Congress to fundamentally reform the deeply flawed system it now uses to address claims of harassment and discrimination,” the former aides wrote in a letter sent Thursday. “But it has been nearly one year since the #MeToo movement shed needed light on the prevalence of harassment and assault in our workplaces and yet no legislation has become law. We are dismayed and disheartened by Congress’s failure to act and take care of its own.”

SEPTEMBER 2018 - Scripps

Finalizing the Congressional Accountability Act (CAA)

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele discusses the importance of the Congressional Accountability Act (CAA) and why lawmakers must act now on finalizing the CAA. Watch the full video here. 


Former congressional aides push for long-stalled sexual harassment legislation

In an open letter to Senate and House leadership, seven ex-congressional staffers, including Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele, urged lawmakers to complete long-stalled sexual harassment legislation on Capitol Hill. Read the full article here.


Former Capitol Hill Staffers Call Out Congress’ Inaction On Sexual Abuse Policies

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele and six other former congressional aides urge leaders on Capitol Hill to act on their stalled efforts to reform the legislative body’s procedures for handling sexual misconduct claims. Read the full article here.

June 2018 - law360

Law Schools Must Take A Stand Against Mandatory Arbitration

Purple Campaign Legal Fellow Isabel Finley discusses the critical role law schools play in holding employers accountable to their sexual harassment policies. Read the full article here. 

June 2018 - the Wing, Washington d.C.

#MeToo: Movement on the Hill

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele hosts a discussion on #MeToo and the current fight for reform with Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-IL-17), Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA-14), #MeTooNatSec Leader Jenna Ben-Yehuda, PBS News Hill Correspondent Lisa Desjardins, and former Hill staffer and reform advocate Anna Kain.

JUNE 2018 - Roll Call

Former Staffer’s Nonprofit Strives to Combat Sexual Harassment

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele sits down with Roll Call to discuss how the Purple Campaign is working to end workplace sexual harassment through action, education and elections.

“I just felt strongly that this moment was an opportunity for real, substantial policy change,” Steele said of the #MeToo movement. “I was concerned that it may become just a moment of awareness-raising and wanted to ensure that it turned into a moment where we saw workplace policy change and also public policy change come out of it.”Read full article here. 

JUNE 2018 - The Hill

#MeToo, Congress and the Supreme Court: Who gets the last word on sexual harassment?

In the wake of the Supreme Court's latest pro-arbitration ruling, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele and North Carolina Deputy Solicitor General Ryan Park say legislation that would end forced arbitration agreements for sexual misconduct claims should be next on Congress’s #MeToo agenda.

"And because the Supreme Court stands poised to stymie state-level solutions, Congress is the only entity that can fully address the problem. This legislation should be next up on Congress’s #MeToo agenda." Read full article here. 

may 2018 - PBS Newshour

#MeToo & Sexual Harassment Reform in Congress

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele discusses #MeToo and sexual harassment reform in Congress with PBS Newshour. Watch the full program.

"I was really moved by what the House did in January. As a former Hill Staffer, I was a little cynical about Congress's ability to quickly get things done -- but they did. They responded really quickly to this moment and with a bill that makes a lot of really important changes. It's been dismaying to see it held up in the Senate for so long."

april 2018 - adweek

When #MeToo Came to Madison Avenue

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele discusses #MeToo's culture of silence with Adweek :

“Until recently, this systemic problem was kept in the shadows by a legal regime that exacerbated the very power imbalances that allow harassment to occur in the first place." Read Full Article. 

MARCH 2018 - LAW 360

Munger Tolles Arbitration Dust-Up May Spark BigLaw Changes

"Ally Coll Steele, co-founder of the nonprofit Purple Campaign aimed at ending workplace sexual harassment, said she believes Munger Tolles’ leaked document and the swift social media pressure placed on it and other legal industry players is the closest event to a #MeToo moment that the legal world has faced."

“To see that begin organically and to have such a quick response from a major law firm...sends a big message to other law firms that they need to begin looking at their policies,” Steele said. Read Full Article


#MeToo, Now What?

Purple Campaign cofounder, Jessica Patterson joins Airbnb General Counsel Rob Chesnut in a conversation on the #MeToo movement and how companies, business leaders and employees can create change in the workplace. Watch Full Program

Source: The Battery, San Francisco

MARCH 2018 - Election university podcast

#MeToo on the Campaign Trail

Purple Campaign Cofounder, Jessica Patterson joins Election University on their latest podcast to discuss what's ahead for #MeToo and what we must do to create lasting change across all industries. Listen below

February 2018 - Philadelphia CNN-News affiliate WFMZ-TV, The American Law Journal

Workplace Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo/Weinstein Era.”

Philadelphia CNN-News affiliate WFMZ-TV, The American Law Journal presents “Workplace Sexual Harassment in the #MeToo/Weinstein Era.” Christopher Naughton welcomes former Boies Schiller attorney Ally Coll Steele, founder of The Purple Campaign, who joins the conversation via satellite from Washington DC. Watch Full Program


February 2018 - LAW360

Kozinski Case Highlights Need for Deep Judicial Reforms

Even if the council does not have the authority to review the complaints against Judge Kozinski, it has an obligation to investigate the actions and policies that may have enabled the alleged misconduct to go on for years, according to Ally Coll Steele, co­founder and president of the Purple Campaign, a new nonprofit aimed at ending workplace sexual harassment. "To the extent there is any question about whether the judicial branch has the authority to conduct such an investigation, Congress should take action to remedy that," Steele said. Read Full Article

JANUARY 2018 - The American Lawyer

Ex-Boies Schiller Associate Launches Campaign to End Sexual Harassment

Just a week after leaving her position as a litigation associate at Boies Schiller Flexner in Washington, D.C., Alexandra “Ally” Coll Steele announced her new gig in a piece she wrote for The Washington Post on Jan. 25. In doing so, Steele added her voice to a growing chorus of women coming together to fight systemic workplace sexual harassment. Steele, in tandem with former London School of Economics and Political Science classmate Jessica Patterson, has now launched a new nonprofit called The Purple Campaign. Read Full Article

JANUARY 2018 - The Washington Post

Why I Left My Corporate Legal Job to Work Full Time On #MeToo

Last week, almost exactly a year after Donald Trump was sworn in as our 45th president, I left my job at the prestigious law firm Boies Schiller Flexner. At first blush, Trump’s administration appears to have little to do with the firm founded 20 years ago by a well-known champion of progressive causes who represented Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore during the 2000 recount. But for me, the two have become inextricably connected. Read Full Article

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