Take Action!

Millions of people have said #MeToo -- tell Senate Leadership it's time for Congress to take action!

On February 6th, the House of Representatives unanimously passed bipartisan reforms to the Congressional Accountability Act (CAA), bringing necessary transparency and accountability to the way Congress handles workplace sexual harassment. Nearly two months have passed, and the Senate has failed to bring similar legislation to a vote.

On April 12th, our partners at Congress Too delivered a letter signed by over 1,300  former Congressional staffers to Senate Leadership, urging them to bring the CAA up for a vote.

Help us keep the momentum going and send a clear message to Senate Leadership that the time is now to address sexual harassment in Congress with lasting reform!

1. tweet at Senate leadership and your own senators telling them that it's time Congress bring the CAA to a vote in the senate. Tweet now.

2. tell your friends to join the fight by sharing our action page on social media. share now.