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The silence has been broken. Now it is time to create lasting change.

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June 7, 2018: Roll Call

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele recently sat down with Roll Call to discuss how the Purple Campaign is working to end workplace sexual harassment through action, education and elections.

“I just felt strongly that this moment was an opportunity for real, substantial policy change,” Steele said of the #MeToo movement. “I was concerned that it may become just a moment of awareness-raising and wanted to ensure that it turned into a moment where we saw workplace policy change and also public policy change come out of it. ”

Read full article here. 


Our Mission

Courageous women have broken the silence by sharing their experiences with sexual harassment in the workplace, exposing a systemic problem that exists across every industry. Now we must work together to create lasting change.

The Purple Campaign’s mission is to end workplace sexual harassment by implementing stronger corporate policies, establishing better laws and empowering people to create lasting change within their own workplaces and communities.  

It won’t be easy. But we believe that by working together, we can implement long-term solutions to achieve lasting reform.

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#MeToo, Now What?

We are building a broad coalition of diverse stakeholders to work together to implement stronger corporate policies, establish better laws, and empower people to create lasting change within their own workplaces and communities


 The Purple Foundation  is educating industry leaders, businesses, and the public  about the problem of workplace sexual harassment and how best to address it.


The Purple Campaign is organizing advocacy campaigns and grassroots efforts to empower people to act to end sexual harassment in their workplaces and communities.



The Purple Campaign is working to elect lawmakers who are committed to ending workplace sexual harassment


Early Support for the Purple Campaign

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Our Cofounders



The Purple Campaign was cofounded by two bicoastal millennial women: a lawyer and politico based in Washington DC, and a tech-industry business leader based in San Francisco, CA.


President & Cofounder

Ally Coll Steele is a graduate of Harvard Law School with experience at the intersection of law, policy and politics. She will draw from her work on policy reform in both the U.S. House and Senate, legal education on women’s issues, and experience serving in leadership positions on numerous federal campaigns to help the Purple Campaign achieve lasting change.

Read more about Ally's background here


Jessica Patterson

Jessica is a business leader with experience working in rapid-growth startup companies and management consulting. She will draw on her expertise building partnerships, brands and teams to establish the Purple Campaign as the organization leading the movement to end sexual harassment in the workplace.                          


Read more about JESSICA'S background here


Why Purple?

A symbol of the women's movement

The color purple has been a symbol of the American women’s movement since the early 1900s, when it became an official color of the National Women’s party and the Suffragettes campaigning to gain the right to vote.

A color To Represent unITY

It also represents our view that sexual harassment should not be tolerated by any political party or within any industry. A diverse coalition of stakeholders now must come together to create lasting change in workplaces across America.


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