Addressing workplace sexual harassment across industries

We’ve been hitting the road to share ideas, information & best practices for addressing workplace sexual harassment across industries.

December 2018

December 13 — Congress Passes the CAA

Statement from the Purple Campaign and Congress Too on Passage of Sexual Harassment Reform Bill

The Purple Campaign and Congress Too released the following joint statement on reports of House and Senate agreement on a sexual harassment reform bill today:

November 2018



#MeToo and the Legal Profession

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined Cardozo Law School’s Burns Center for Ethics for a panel discussion on the intersection of the #MeToo movement and the legal profession. Steele and other panelists examined harassment within the legal profession, and explored steps firms and disciplinary bodies could take to protect vulnerable members of the legal community, especially women.

October 2018

October 3 - penn law school

Fireside chat with Meena Harris

In the wake of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele sat down with Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign Founder, Meena Harris at Penn Law School for a discussion on #MeToo and the Supreme Court.

September 2018

September 28 - medium

The Terrible Weight of “Almost”

Purple Campaign Policy Fellow Kaitlin Curran examines why the Kavanaugh hearings affected her so strongly -- and what Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's #courage still means to her.  Read the full post here.

“I will remember her terror and her decision to do the right thing in spite of it. I will remember walking away from her testimony still aching, still angry, but also deeply inspired. She knew what it would cost her to share this darkest part of herself, and she did it for us. I believe her.”

September 17th and 18th @ Harvard law school

#MeToo, Now What? Sexual Harassment Policy Workshop

In September, the Purple Campaign and Harvard Law School Executive Education hosted industry leaders and legal and policy experts from more than 30 companies and 20 legal and policy organizations for a #MeToo, Now What? sexual harassment policy workshop at Harvard Law School. Over the course of two days, participants attended a series of interactive sessions aimed at preventing and responding to workplace sexual harassment, and rebuilding and reimagining the workplace of the future.   Click on the button below to learn more about the #MeToo, Now What? workshop.

The #MeToo, Now What? Sexual Harassment Policy Workshop is proud to have the support of :

September 15th: Harvard law school, celebration 65 - "#MeToo and Beyond Sexual Harassment"


"#MeToo and Beyond Sexual Harassment"

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined EEOC Commissioner, Chai Feldblum, Director of Gibbons PC and President-Elect of National Association of Women Lawyer, Kristin Sostowski, and Partner at Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady, Elizabeth Saylor for a panel discussion at Harvard Law School on the impact of the #MeToo movement on workplaces, the policy arena, and the legal profession.

August 2018

august 2nd: Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP, chicago

Purple Campaign President  Ally Coll Steele joined Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP for an interactive discussion on #MeToo, the importance of starting dialogue on sexual harassment within law firms, and the role of men in the movement. 

august 1st: american bar association annual meeting, chicago


Discussing #MeToo & the Judiciary

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined the ABA Judicial Division’s Standing Committee on Diversity in the Judiciary for a discussion on the #MeToo movement, its effects in and on the judiciary, and how those in the legal profession can help create lasting change.

July 2018

JULY 14th- american bankruptcy institute's 25th annual northeast conference


Facing the #MeToo Movement in the Bankruptcy Profession

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined Judge Joan Feeney, Proskauer Rose LLP Partner Mark Batten, Holland & Knight Partner Paul Lannon, and Cooley LLP Partner Cathy Hershcopf for a panel about #MeToo in the bankruptcy profession at American Bankruptcy Institute’s Northeast Summer Conference.

July 10th - law360

Law Schools Must Take A Stand Against Mandatory Arbitration

Purple Campaign Legal Fellow Isabel Finley discusses the critical role law schools play in holding employers accountable to their sexual harassment policies. 

"As president of the Harvard Women’s Law Association, I’ve heard countless stories from women on campus about workplace harassment and discrimination, based not only on gender but also on race, sexual orientation, and many other identities that would qualify for a law firm’s “diversity scholarship.” Harvard’s Office of Career Services, along with these offices at our peer schools, can and must use their power to make these stories less common."

Read the full article here. 

June 2018

June 26th - the wing, washington D.C.

#MeToo: Movement on the Hill

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele hosts a discussion on #MeToo and the current fight for reform with Congresswoman Cheri Bustos (D-IL-17), Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA-14), #MeTooNatSec Leader Jenna Ben-Yehuda, PBS News Hill Correspondent Lisa Desjardins, and former Hill staffer and reform advocate Anna Kain. Watch full program.

June 18th - #MeToo: Transforming the Legal Ecosystem  RoundTable


#MeToo: Transforming the Legal Ecosystem RoundTable

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined Her Justice, Paul, Weiss LLP, and Thomson Reuters for the second session of their #MeToo Roundtable Discussion series. The discussion explored root causes of sexual harassment and identified practical steps lawyers can take to be part of the solution. Read more here.

June 7th - Roll Call

Former Staffer's Nonprofit Strives to Combat Sexual Harassment

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele sits down with Roll Call to discuss how the Purple Campaign is working to end workplace sexual harassment through action, education and elections.

I just felt strongly that this moment was an opportunity for real, substantial policy change,” Steele said of the #MeToo movement. “I was concerned that it may become just a moment of awareness-raising and wanted to ensure that it turned into a moment where we saw workplace policy change and also public policy change come out of it.” Read full article here.

June 13th - Harvard Law Association of DC


Creating lasting change in the legal profession in the wake of #MeToo

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined award-winning documentary filmmaker and activist Aishah Shahidah Simmons, National Women's Law Center General Counsel and Vice President of Education and Workplace Justice Emily Martin, and North Carolina Deputy Solicitor General Ryan Park for a discussion on what can be done to create lasting change in the legal profession in the wake of #MeToo.

June 1st - Op-ed, the Hill

#MeToo, Congress and the Supreme Court: Who gets the last word on sexual harassment?

In the wake of the Supreme Court's latest pro-arbitration ruling, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele and North Carolina Deputy Solicitor General Ryan Park say legislation that would end forced arbitration agreements for sexual misconduct claims should be next on Congress’s #MeToo agenda.

"And because the Supreme Court stands poised to stymie state-level solutions, Congress is the only entity that can fully address the problem. This legislation should be next up on Congress’s #MeToo agenda."

Read the full article article here.

May 2018

may 30th - new york law school


Leading a Conversation on Implicit Bias & Sexual Harassment

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele and Matt Dubin led a discussion on implicit bias and sexual harassment for over 100 incoming law students at New York Law School. A special thanks to Sponsors for Educational Opportunity for hosting the conversation.

May 24th - Senate passes the CAA

Purple Campaign President Applauds the Senate for Unanimously Passing Bipartisan Sexual Harassment Reform Legislation

 MAY 18th -  airbnb HQ

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 9.49.22 PM.png

Participating in Airbnb's Intentional Integrity Session

Purple Campaign Cofounders Ally Coll Steele and Jessica Patterson joined Airbnb General Counsel Rob Chesnut at Airbnb’s Intentional Integrity Session. It’s inspiring to see companies like Airbnb lead the way in the fight to end workplace sexual harassment, and we look forward to helping others improve their practices in light of #MeToo.

 MAY 17th -  UBer HQ


Discussing best practices for addressing sexual harassment and assault with Uber

Just two days after Uber announced it would end the use of forced arbitration and non-disclosure agreements for sexual assault claims, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined Uber's Chief Legal Officer Tony West and Safety & Employment team to discuss best practices for addressing sexual harassment and assault.

 MAY 14th - PBs newshour

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele discusses #MeToo and sexual harassment reform in Congress on PBS Newshour. Watch the Full Program


April 2018

 April 24th -  SPJ Florida's "Abuse in the newsroom" webinar

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joins Society of Professional Journalist-Florida for a webinar discussion on  how we can work to change our newsroom cultures in the wake of #MeToo.

 April 20th - Harvard Law School


#MeTooNatSec: Sexual Harassment in National Security

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined former U.S Ambassador, Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, former State Department official and co-author of the #MeTooNatSec letter, Jenna Ben-Yehuda, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Policy & Advocacy Fellow and former Obama Administration official, Mira Patel at Harvard Law School in a discussion on addressing sexual harassment within national security and what we must do to create harassment-free workplaces, both at home and abroad.

 April 14th -philadelphia Forum of Executive Women


#MeToo and Time’s Up: How these Movements are Changing our Workplaces

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined Elizabeth Wellington, Alice Ballard, Aishah Simmons, and Deb Epstein Henry at the Forum of Executive Women in a discussion on #MeToo and how we must work to empower women in the fight against sexual harassment.

 April 11th - Duke law school

From #MeToo, Now What?

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joins North Carolina Deputy Solicitor General, Ryan Park at Duke Law School to discuss the impact of#MeToo on the legal profession and what legal, policy and cultural reforms are needed to end workplace sexual harassment.

March 2018

 march 30th - Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Washington, d.c.


WLA Panel: #MeToo in the Legal Profession

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined Harvard Women's Law Association in a discussion on #MeToo in the legal profession & beyond: "Law students are the most powerful people in the legal profession right now. We need your voices at the #MeToo table!"‬

 march 21st - SHW Blog

#MeToo: How You Can Help Prevent Sexual Harassment at Events

In SHW’s latest blog post, Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele discusses steps that event planners and participants can take to create a safe and productive environment for everyone.

“People often forget that sexual harassment frequently occurs outside of the traditional employer-employee relationship,” Steele said. Read Full Blog Post.  

march 30th - the battery, san francisco

#MeToo, Now What?

Purple Campaign cofounder, Jessica Patterson joins Airbnb General Counsel Rob Chesnut in a conversation on the #MeToo movement and how companies, business leaders and employees can create change in the workplace. Watch Full Program

Source: The Battery, San Francisco

MARCH 21st - Election university podcast

#MeToo on the Campaign Trail

Purple Campaign Cofounder, Jessica Patterson joins Election University on their latest podcast to discuss what's ahead for #MeToo and what we must do to create lasting change across all industries. Listen below

MARCH 18th - Committee on House Administration


Bipartisan Roundtable with the Committee on House Administration

Purple Campaign President Ally Coll Steele joined bipartisan representatives of the Committee on House Administration and other key stakeholders for a roundtable discussion on the implementation of the Congressional Accountability Act (CAA).